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Tekno Construction Chemicals Inc. which serves every region of Turkey effectively with latest technology factories in İstanbul, Kayseri, Afyon and Elazig operates in construction chemicals sector. With its 500.000 tons/year production capacity and high product quality Tekno Construction Chemicals Inc. is one of the leading companies in construction industry.

The experience and know-how achieved by co-operating with the world leader companies for many years is the motivation source of Tekno Construction Chemicals Inc. In construction industry, new generation products developed in recent years have replaced with the traditional and classic adhesive, flooring, strengthening, repairing and water isolation products. Additionally, in paralel with progress in the building industry, a wide range of products have been introduced.

Tekno Construction Chemicals Inc. which allocates significant resources to R&D activities continuously increases the variety of its products. R&D center located in Istanbul factory continues to realize many firsts in the sector with its expert engineers and chemists. Also many imported products have been localized in R&D center to provide substantial benefits to the Turkish economy.

Products are manufactured according to international quality standards in Tekno Construction Chemicals Inc.’s facilities. They are subjected to the necessary tests from the first raw material entry to the final product quality control and the quality process continuity is guaranteed. The procedures defined within the framework of ISO 9001 quality management system are applied in all processes and relevant TSE, TSEK, CE and G quality certificates have gained for many products.

Studies are carried out by few specialized companies in this field in our country. At this point, Tekno Construction Chemicals Inc. fills important gap for the solution of all kind of technical customer problems with its expert staff.

After-sales technical support is given by the technical specialists in the fastest way.


Message from Ceo

Tekno Construction Chemicals Inc. Since 2001, we have experienced a very enjoyable and full of success with the efforts of our employees and the support of our customers. In this process, we spent all our efforts and energy to ensure customer satisfaction and adopted a customer-centered management approach. We owe this development to our philosophy since our establishment. We have always prioritized quality. We have never entered into price-based competition. We have officially documented this understanding by obtaining our ISO 9001 system certification, CE certificates and TSE / TSEK certificates.

Our main motivation is to become a global company.

Accordingly, in 2011, we opened the Kayseri factory with a closed area of ​​1500 m2 and had the opportunity to offer faster and more economical products to our customers in this region.

In 2012, we completed the construction of our new factory in Istanbul Leather Organized Industrial Zone with a closed area of ​​8000m2 at a record speed of ten months and started to serve in our new facility. We made new R & D investments. We introduced many new products to the market whose ARGE has been going on for a long time. We participated in fairs and gave seminars. Turkey's future and all of them because of the confidence we have made to our customers.

In 2013, we opened our factory in Afyon Organized Industrial Zone which has 1250m2 closed and 4000 m2 open area.

In 2014, we started to work on the establishment of our Elazığ factory.

Of 2017 with this new investment, we expect to open in 4.yarı customers in every region of Turkey will be able to provide faster and more economical products.

In 2018, we opened our Elazığ factory.

In 2019, we will present many new products to your liking.

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Mission & Vision

Our Mission:
Our mission is to provide the highest quality professional service to our existing and prospective customers, partners, and contractor firms, while being a globally preferred company with material reliability, product diversity, service quality and price, while at the same time providing education, creativity, respect, occupational safety, and personal development.

Our Vision:
• To ensure full customer satisfaction by continuously improving our products and services in line with customer requests,
• To continuously improve our costs and productivity in order to increase our competitiveness,
• Increasing its market share by reaching new users in target regions and markets in the Construction Chemicals sectors,
• Continuous improvement towards excellence in occupational health and safety and environmental protection,
• To support our employees' development and use their potential at the highest level with a principled, responsible and motivated leadership understanding in order to make our company successful today and in the future, to increase their participation,
• To support and develop flexible teamwork that can meet the needs in line with changing economic conditions,
• To be one of the leading companies in Turkey and in the world in the production of Construction Chemicals.


Quality Policy

  • • To meet the needs of the construction sector at the highest level in its products.
    • Understanding customer requirements and ensuring customer satisfaction by meeting these requirements.
    • To observe the interests of the companies and institutions it serves.
    • To be an environmentally sensitive organization.
    • Keeping open to continuous improvement by following technology and innovations closely.
    • Ensuring the most effective participation by giving responsibility and authority to its employees.
    • To take all measures to ensure the safety of employees and to protect their health.
    • Adopting service as the quality standard by using the existing resources in the best way.
    • Tekno Construction Chemicals Inc. undertakes to provide continuous training to its employees and to continuously improve the system as required by its quality policy.

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R & D

Our Expertise

We have tried to create a new opportunity to be the best in the sector in Turkiye and foreign markets with new products and technologies. In all of these studies, we are targeting to become the best not only in our country, but also the best in the world

We are the 750. R&D Center in Turkiye.
After completing the relevant provisions of the Turkiye Law with 5746,  Science, Industry and Technology Ministry is nominated us as Turkey 750th R & D Center .TEKNO CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS INC has major technological R & D resources , R & D laboratories and the expert team being Turkey's leading manufacturer in the field of production and  continue to increase its product range. R & D