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Tekno Yapi Kimyasallari A.S. which serves every region of Turkey effectively with latest technology factories in İstanbul, Kayseri, Afyon and Elazig operates in construction chemicals sector. With its 500.000 tons/year production capacity and high product quality Tekno Yapi Kimyasallari A.S. is one of the leading companies in construction industry.

The experience and know-how achieved by co-operating with the world leader companies for many years is the motivation source of Tekno Yapi Kimyasallari A.S. In construction industry, new generation products developed in recent years have replaced with the traditional and classic adhesive, flooring, strengthening, repairing and water isolation products. Additionally, in paralel with progress in the building industry, a wide range of products have been introduced.

Tekno Yapi Kimyasallari A.S. which allocates significant resources to R&D activities continuously increases the variety of its products. R&D center located in Istanbul factory continues to realize many firsts in the sector with its expert engineers and chemists. Also many imported products have been localized in R&D center to provide substantial benefits to the Turkish economy.

Products are manufactured according to international quality standards in Tekno Yapi Kimyasallari A.S.’s facilities. They are subjected to the necessary tests from the first raw material entry to the final product quality control and the quality process continuity is guaranteed. The procedures defined within the framework of ISO 9001 quality management system are applied in all processes and relevant TSE, TSEK, CE and G quality certificates have gained for many products.

Studies are carried out by few specialized companies in this field in our country. At this point, Tekno Yapi Kimyasallari A.S. fills important gap for the solution of all kind of technical customer problems with its expert staff.

After-sales technical support is given by the technical specialists in the fastest way.

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To provide best solutions to all the people by the help of our Professional experience and high quality, innovative construction chemicals and add value to the people who are working with us.

To become a leading construction chemicals company in the world as recognized by current and potential customers and also employees.

Quality Policy

  • To understand the exact needs of our costumers and supply the most appropriate products for their applications.
  • To guarantee stability of our products for maximum satisfaction of construction industry.
  • To ensure the quality of raw materials by applying very strict quality control procedures for incoming materials.
  • To ensure the quality of our products by applying very strict quality control procedures for outgoing materials.
  • To give continuous training to our company members to maintain highest quality of human resources.
  • To seek costumer interests in all our products and services.
  • To apply the principles of ISO9000 in all of our processes.
  • To give Responsible Care for environment.
  • To give delegation and responsibility to all our company members for more efficient participation.
  • To ensure employee safety in working places and maintain systems to protect their health in the production process.
  • To use our sources in a most efficient way by improving all processes to give better service to our costumers.

As TEKNO CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS, we guarantee our costumers to apply these mentioned principles as our Quality Policy and improve them all the time.




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R & D

Our expertise

We have tried to create a new opportunity to be the best in the sector in Turkiye and foreign markets with new products and technologies. In all of these studies, we are targeting to become the best not only in our country, but also the best in the world

We are the 750. R&D Center in Turkiye.
After completing the relevant provisions of the Turkiye Law with 5746,  Science, Industry and Technology Ministry is nominated us as Turkey 750th R & D Center .TEKNO CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS INC has major technological R & D resources , R & D laboratories and the expert team being Turkey's leading manufacturer in the field of production and  continue to increase its product range. R & D